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Cantavita/ Press Release

(Bend, OR) presents a proprietary time-released antioxidant formula, Cantavita, to the marketplace.  Available exclusively through, Cantavita is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever tested, providing 24-hour antioxidant protection.  Numerous studies have shown Cantavita to provide multiple support functions for gastrointestinal, brain, nervous system and immune health, as well as lung, cardiovascular, joint and connective tissue support.  

Cantavita has the unique advantage of possessing multiple bioactivities, providing more value for the dollar,” Brad Sovine, spokesperson for, said. “The advantage of the time-released formula ensures consistent distribution and enhanced absorption in one nutritional supplement to maintain steady protection from free radicals.”   

Cantavita works by neutralizing free radicals, which are unstable molecules that steal electrons from other molecules that can ultimately lead to cell damage that can threaten health.  Because the proprietary blend is loaded with powerful antioxidants, it has consistently tested at extremely high levels in both the TEAC and ORAC measurements of antioxidant activity.

About, a Uckele owned company, features quality, naturopathic, herbal, and whole-food supplements that support the body’s innate wisdom to heal. They distribute the finest nutrient-dense, raw, certified-organic, Non-GMO superfoods, as well as natural personal and home care products.

Founded in 2005, is located in central Oregon, where their warehouse sits nestled between mountain ranges, forests, rivers, lakes, and high desert terrain.  Their ecommerce site features more than 100 companies with well-over 5,000 products that serve over 100,000 customers.

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Every minute of every day, our bodies are working to stay healthy, to keep us moving. But in today’s work-a-day world, we don’t always get the right nutrients to fuel our health. One of the nutrients we often don’t get enough of are antioxidants. Antioxidants come in many forms, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. They are key to the neutralization of what are known as “free radicals”.

Brunswick Lab’s Orac Food & Nutrition Test

Independently Tested and Approved

We only give our community the best, which is why we’ve had the Cantavita Ultra Antioxidant tablet and formula independently verified by globally renowned stakeholders in antioxidant research, design and testing.

According to Brunswick’s Total ORAC FN, Cantavita’s per-tablet value is higher than any other fruit, vegetable or food in the USDA Database for the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of Selected Foods.

Brunswick Labs

Brunswick Labs has helped leading international companies verify the quality and effectiveness of their antioxidant nutraceuticals by providing valuable, quantitative analysis to evaluate broad-spectrum antioxidant potential.

Brunswick Lab’s Total ORAC FN

The USDA recommends that a standardized total antioxidant capacity method should evaluate “effectiveness against various ROS/RNS such as superoxide anion, and peroxynitrite…and this may require additional methods specific for each radical source.”

Recognizing the need to measure the effectiveness of antioxidants against the five major radicals causing oxidative damage in the human body, Brunswick developed the Total ORAC FN to give antioxidant providers the most complete analysis available.

The Brunswick Lab’s ORAC FN measures antioxidant activity against five of the most important free radicals found in humans: hydroxyl, peroxyl, peroxynitrite, singlet oxygen, and superoxide anion. Total ORAC FN can also be linked to clinical outcomes such as oxidative stress, inflammation, and bioavailability.

Cantavita Horac Score

Hydroxly Radical Antioxidant Capicity (HORAC) is the universally recognized scale for measuring the level of antioxidants that combat Hydroxyl Radicals. In the skin, hydroxyl radicals are created by UV exposure.

Cantavita SOD Antioxidant Score

Superoxide dismutases (SOD) are an important antioxidant defense in nearly all cells exposed to oxygen. Superoxide radicals are the most common free radical in the human body. The SOD score measures the level of the superoxide dismutase enzyme in foods and supplements.

Compare Cantavita

The USDA recommends we consume foods containing 3,000 to 5,000 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) units daily. This method of measurement was developed by the scientists a the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, Maryland. See the chart below to compare common antioxidant possessing foods to to Cantavita’s ORAC score.

Safety Data

After conducting extensive studies, our scientific partner Orion Therapeutics determined that the average adult could tolerate the consumption of 220 Cantavita tablets without any serious side effects. That’s 110 times the recommended dose.

Free Radicals

The average adult body experiences the birth and death of 96 million cells every 60 seconds. While this process is very natural, one to two percent of these cells are damaged in that process. Those damaged cells are called “free radicals”.

These damaged cells are missing a critical molecule and, once created, embark on a rampage through your body in an effort to balance themselves by bonding with another cell, damaging that cells DNA and causing it to grow abnormally. There are five major free radicals causing oxidative damage in the human body. In combination, they cause DNA, protein, and lipid damage. They contribute to systemic inflammation and other harmful pathways. Finally, the damage caused by free radicals has been linked to a host of chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Oxydgen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is the universally recognized scale for measuring the level of antioxidants that combat Peroxyl Radicals, the first primary radical to be commercially measured.

Super Antioxidant

There are lots of brands that claim to sell you a “super antioxidant”, but none provide continuous protection against all five free radicals with a time release tablet. Cantavita is the super antioxidant.

When compared to other antioxidant supplements and antioxidant containing fruits and vegetables there is simply no comparison. For more information on how Cantavita compares in antioxidant potency check our HORAC, ORAC and SOD scores. (link to each page)

Time-Release Tablet

Our Ultra Antioxidant time-release tablets ensure the continuous protection of your body from free radical activity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why Time Release?

Free radicals are being created constantly as your body’s cells continue their cycle of birth and death–the natural process of cellular division. Because of the continual nature of this process, the human body requires a steady supply of antioxidants to combat the generation of free radicals.

Antioxidants in the Bloodstream

The amount of antioxidants in the bloodstream is highly regulated, nullifying the effect of antioxidant megadoses because your body only utilizes the antioxidants it needs at a given time and the excesses are processed by your kidneys. Cantavita’s Ultra Antioxidant Time Release Tablet solves this problem by creating the slow and steady release of antioxidants into your bloodstream over a 12-hour period.